A little bit about myself

My name is Sakis, I'm an indie games developer from Greece. I started game development as a hobby in early 2005 with Game Maker. I was one of the first developers back then who give more focus on 3D games using Game Maker (which is mostly for 2D games).
Most people may know me from Game Maker Community (with username sakisa) as the creator of the games Crimelife, Guns & Spurs, Mythology, Super Smash Battle and many more.
Now I'm using Unity3D to make games for iOS and Android. My most recent game 'Angel in Danger' which is a 3D platformer is published by Crescent Moon Games for iOS and Android.

In my real job I work as a web developer for a company here in Greece. I know C#, Javascript, html, css, php. I also work as a graphics artist and I also design the graphics for my own games (2D and 3D).
Today game development is my second job, still with the same passion and excitement.

- My portfolio here
- My games developed with Game Maker can be found here.
- My published iOS and Android games be found here.
- I you want to contact me about anything visit this link.

May 8, 2009

my PC Games

I started working with Gamemaker since 2005. A game development tool focused mostly for 2D games, but my biggest passion was to create 3D games with it.
Started with the basics with almost zero knowledge of programming, followed many tutorials and videos and with the help of the amazing community at the GMC forums I learned a lot.
I created several games with Gamemaker, mostly was for fun and for personal practice to help me get some experience by trying all kinds of games. Very few of those games have made it to the public.
Bellow is a list with the games I created with Gamemaker in chronological order.
Feel free to download and enjoy my games. All your comments are welcome here.


Super Mario Clash 3D Remake




Guns and Spurs


Zoo Escape

Super Smash Battle 2



Infinite War


Crimelife 3

Super Smash Battle


Crimelife 2