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Nov 18, 2009

Liberty City, It's Over! Whats next? UPDATE!!!

This poster from
Episodes from LC is overlapping a poster found in the Vice City porn studio...
My guess now goes to a new Vice City.
Your thoughts?

GTA4.Net noticed this "ad" in the Episodes from Liberty City instruction manual that, reading between the lines (or around the torn out part, anyway) seems to tease where the series is headed next. And maybe when.

The ad, apparently for a fake movie, declares "Liberty City, It's Over!" implying, naturally, that we're all done here. "Next stop," it says, and that portion appears to be torn out, except for the word "Seagull." I think it looks like the name of a hotel, but who knows.

To the left of that is "Opens March Everywhere," and your guess is as good as mine as to what that means. But Rockstar knows what it's doing here, it's getting people to talk, and we've taken the bait.

My guess about this picture's p
lace is the little skate park from GTA San Andreas:

Or maybe it's a mountain like this:
and I hope it's true. . . who knows?
We have to wait until March for more details.. And I just can't wait!

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  1. San Andreas was so great game! GTA 4 was to best but did you see gta 5 game play?! game of year, it will be great mmo rpg game!