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My name is Sakis, I'm an indie games developer from Greece. I started game development as a hobby in early 2005 with Game Maker. I was one of the first developers back then who give more focus on 3D games using Game Maker (which is mostly for 2D games).
Most people may know me from Game Maker Community (with username sakisa) as the creator of the games Crimelife, Guns & Spurs, Mythology, Super Smash Battle and many more.
Now I'm using Unity3D to make games for iOS and Android. My most recent game 'Angel in Danger' which is a 3D platformer is published by Crescent Moon Games for iOS and Android.

In my real job I work as a web developer for a company here in Greece. I know C#, Javascript, html, css, php. I also work as a graphics artist and I also design the graphics for my own games (2D and 3D).
Today game development is my second job, still with the same passion and excitement.

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Jan 8, 2016

Harvest Simulator VR - Announced for VR Headsets

Jump in to the world of Harvest Simulator VR.

Made exclusively for VR Headsets experience farming life like never before. Live in your own farm where you can use your farming tools and your skills to make the best farm possible. Plant new crops and see them grow with full day and night cycle. Then you can sell your plants for cash. You can buy new seeds, animals and you can also customize your farm and your home with furniture. There is a lot more in this farm than you can't even imagine.

More features will be added with updates thanks to your feedback and your support.

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Join the Beta on January 15!

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Harvest Simulator VR

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  1. Hi sakis25 could you ever make a game like your in a mall and you have to close and bar all the doors and garage doors before a zombie horde gets in you still have to fight some of them but the main body is still outside and if your fast a nd quiet enough you can secure the mall and live like a king with everything and the zombies cant get in just like (dawn of the dead) 1978 version by george romero that would make for an awesome game!!!! I love extintion by the way just wanted to let you know keep up the good work!!!